1. Yesterday I actually typed the words, "I don't get colds since I gave up gluten."


So, of course, today, I wake up with a bit of a cold. It's not terrible but I do feel lousy. I should know better than to tempt fate like that. Ernie's got a bit of it too. We'll blame southern Illinois! Yesterday I didn't feel great but I blamed it on the lunch I had on Sunday, but maybe it was the cold onboarding. Who knows. Probably a combination of everything.

2. When we were driving back from the eclipse a few years back we were in heavy traffic on the way home. I remember passing a storefront that said Egyptian Sales in neon, or something like that. I'd tried to find it online to no avail. As we were heading toward my diner all of a sudden there it was! I was so happy! It's so handsome. R A Tomei and sons. Look at that stylish little neon ampersand. I couldn't really find anything about it except obituaries of RA (died at 98 in 1994) and his wife, Josephine, almost twenty years before that. One son still in Christopher, one in California. That neon is so hopeful and proud. Sad to see it like this. It's for sale for $89,000 in Christopher, Illinois.


3. Spent a chunk of the afternoon at the Cancer Center yesterday. I wasn't in the mood for it. Is one ever? But good lord I could NOT love our oncologist more. I wish he could take care of all of us. He is just a lovely, lovely human and we trust him implicitly. He's also good at talking me down when I get anxious about Ernie's test results. I took Ernie for our traditional post cancer center drink at Fries and Peanuts. Came home and listened to the band practice and had dinner. A nice night despite the intrusion of worry.

4. Owen was supposed to mow the lawn while we were gone but when we got home he was in the middle of washing his uncle's truck so I gave him a pass.


5. Leo went up to Chicago last night to see Enter Shikari at Lincoln Hall. He said it was phenomenal and he had a great time and the drive was fine, etc. I love it when the boys come in late and sit on my side of the bed to report (I insist on it…I'm sure they'd rather not). It makes me happy. 

6. Southern Illinois.




One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I am all there for bedside music reports and for Pastor Marvelane Cole. Thank you for brightening my day, Cynthia.