Ernie walked into my office yesterday, and placed two pieces of candy corn and a candy pumpkin on my desk. He told me that it was Boss's Day and I was the closest thing we had to a boss. 

I love him.


And my office. I love my office. SO much.


AND, I finally have a spot for my clock. It was languishing in the hallway. Now, whenever I have a Zoom meeting I can see it peering benevolently behind me. That crooked little basket of roses just kills me.


Ernie got Chinese take out last night. I was jealous so I fried my fish. Gluten free flour and cornstarch and salt and pepper. Good lord, it was good. Stuff with gluten free flour never browns as well so it doesn't look as pretty as it might, but trust me, it was good.

In other food notes, I ate this apple the other day and it blew my mind. A simple little Honeycrisp from Aldi's. Stupidly good. Simple, small pleasures.