I am so anxious for cooler weather. Come ON Thursday! I hope the forecast holds and we get some fall like weather. Scary times out there in so many ways sigh. I vacillate between obsessively reading the news and closing it out entirely. As always, I need to seek balance.

Some of the ways I try to find balance:

Skipping out of the house for a drink while Owen's band practices and finding the sky like this as we drive back home.


Cooking smoked pork chops from Triple S, along with farmers market green beans. I've been lapsing a bit from my efforts to eat local meat. Slipped into buying the supposedly antibiotic-free chicken (mind you, what we buy isn't Tyson but I don't know if I can trust any of them) and the like but realize I need to get back to this focus. Yes, it's more but you get what you pay for. These pork chops are absolutely amazing…we just sear them a bit in some olive oil until they are warmed through. The night before I had thrown (er, well, had Ernie throw) an eggplant and a poblano pepper on the grill. When we brought them in they weren't totally done but dried out a bit. I put them in the refrigerator as I didn't want to bother with them. Last night I pulled them out and diced them up and sauteed them in olive oil for a bit before adding the blanched green beans. The smoky eggplant gave it a bit umami which I loved. Not sure the others in the household did but I thought it was great.


Watching the Pride parade in downtown Champaign over the weekend. I stood outside for a good bit but went in to sit when it got too much for my back. Somehow, sitting in the quiet darkness watching all the color and life outside was almost better.