1. I broke down and decided to get a new phone. It didn't seem to make sense to spend the money on a new screen and new battery on this old of a phone. Not what I planned, but what the hell goes as planned? I decided to order it through Verizon and just pick it up. I got the email saying it was ready so happily trotted off. Then I had to sit and wait, which seemed to go against the concept. Eventually, someone came over, I showed my ID, and she tried to authorize the phone to be activated. No go. She left, came back, said they were having problems. Left again, came back; evidently, the entire Verizon system for activating phones is down.

Sigh. She took my phone number and will call me when it's back up. 

Damn it.

2. I feel a bit better today and I think it's because we had eggdrop soup for dinner last night. Neither of us felt great or really felt like cooking but we'd had some turkey backs from Triple S simmering all day. We just took some of that broth, gave it a bit of salt, drizzled in some eggs, finished it with a dash of soy sauce and sesame oil, with a few green onions on top.

It. Was. Glorious.


3. Here is our recent crime scene. Not only did the squirrels eat our pumpkin (we forgot to reapply hair spray after it snowed), they did it so enthusiastically that they knocked the pumpkin off the steps when it smashed a favorite pot that Jeff Evans gave us as a housewarming gift about a million years ago.



4. A bad photo from our recent Missouri trip that I like anyway.


5. And another picture of my little smokehouse because I love it so much I want to just keep looking at it.




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