1. My favorite shirt has a hole worn into the elbow. And that's a perfect metaphor for how I feel.

2. I'm trying to navigate the shores of having a teenager being battered a bit by life and damn, it's painful to watch. It hurts ME like hell so I can only imagine how he feels. It's so hard to not have any way to fix things. I know it's part of life but damn, it makes me hate EVERYBODY.

3. In other complaints about life, word has it that the Prairie Gardens balsams aren't great this year AND expensive. Is there ANYPLACE else that sells balsam firs? I will weep the day I bring a tree into the house that isn't a balsam.

4. I try to force myself to read the news but sometimes I find it so depressing that I just can't do it.

5. Ok. I'll try to be more cheerful. We took the boy out for breakfast in an effort to distract him. I found that there might be a downside to ordering my hash browns extra crispy. And here I thought I'd found the key to the universe. Please know I didn't actually order four eggs…I forgot that Sammy's automatically doubles your eggs. I know I said I didn't eat diner breakfasts unless traveling but I gave myself a pass because…extenuating circumstances.


And to end with: a little abandoned gas station in Missouri.





2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Take heart, I think you can still find a good tree at PG. They just aren’t as great as what we found last year. Country Arbors and Menards sell balsams but the price will be higher for a tall tree. And for all I know PG may have unloaded more trees after I left. Good luck.