Ok, I'm going to make myself stop working. As I was just told, it will still be there on Monday.

I've got that slight day-before-Thanksgiving-panic. Should I REALLY iron the napkins?


Ok…what I absolutely WILL do today:

prep the mashed potatoes

make my meat pie (tourtiere)

prep some vegetables (chop onion/celery/kohlrabi/carrots)

prep the gravy (with Owen)

make, um, ASK Ernie to clean the bathroom

make Owen do a few things on the porch and front yard

try to figure out where the appetizers will go tomorrow that Rascal can't get to

ask the guys if they want to watch Planes/Trains/Automobiles tonight or tomorrow


Things I HOPE to do today:

polish the silver candlesticks

iron the napkins


What I'll do tomorrow

eat leftover meat pie and cranberry sauce for breakfast

put the Thanksgiving day parade on the tv even though I won't watch it.

Make, um, ASK Ernie to vacuum

set the table

figure out how much will go on the sideboard and what will go on the table

make the salad

toss the turkey in the oven

make the stuffing (it's stuffing to me even if it's not in the turkey)

heat the potatoes

make the fries, because, yes, we have french fries on Thanksgiving in addition to mashed potatoes. It's a tradition.

Ok, that sounds doable!


When you ask your son to empty the trash and he instead wears the trash bag.