Last night I was alone in the house for several hours.

Let me repeat that for you.

Last night I was alone in the house for several hours.

I mean, now that I'm working from home it's not unheard of for me to be alone in the house, but for several hours in the evening? Unheard of.

After everybody left I took a long shower. Long, hot shower. Then I pulled out the leftover turkey risotto and sauteed it in a pan until it was hot with lots of crunch browned rice. I put in a bowl and added a dollop of cranberry sauce.

Good God in heaven was that good.


I curled up in front of the tv with my risotto and a glass of wine. I figured I'd watch a trashy movie or something. I tried a couple and then realized it was just too loud. I wanted quiet. I didn't want tv. I didn't want music. I just wanted quiet. So eventually I went upstairs and crawled into bed. I read for a bit, but mostly I just laid there enjoying the quiet. I swear I wasn't really even thinking about anything other than the quiet. I read a bit. Laid there not reading a bit. Read a bit. Laid there not reading a bit. 

I think I actually was completely relaxed. 


Eventually, Owen texted me to ask if Trump really had gotten impeached. I wrote back and then couldn't help myself…I went downstairs and turned on the news. Then Owen tumbled in, followed not long after by Ernie and Leo. I was so glad to have them all home but I'm going to try to keep those quiet moments in my head so I can return there when I need to.




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