1. Got hugs from Amy, Mary, Elisabeth Pollock, Mary King and Pam Dempsey. Damn, didn't I get any hugs from men? Well, my guys, of course.

2. A beloved friend who had been struggling with dizziness and other symptoms found out that it was a carbon monoxide leak in their house. When one of their children became woozy they figured it out and got everybody out safely. Scary stuff. Our carbon monoxide detector which was lacking a battery is now plugged in and working.

3. The full moon on Thursday.

4. Found this little Christmas cigar box with the Christmas decorations that I had forgotten about. It was my Mom's. Inside were lots of old business cards of antique dealers we loved.


5. Homemade turkey bone broth from Triple S Farms.


6. Uncle Mistletoe is at the ready.


7. Tom Mason is NEXT WEEK!