What a lovely holiday it has been. Thanksgiving with loved ones was great. Granted, the carbs and the dairy just about killed me, but some of them were worth it (tourtiere forever) and it always acts of a bit of a wake-up call. Of course, all that being said, I just had bacon and eggs for breakfast. God, Ernie's good at that. Last night we made our way to our beloved Teri's house for a birthday/bake-off/music celebration. Of course, I couldn't eat any of the baked goods but it was wonderful watching folks win awards with much laughter and yelling. And is it any surprise that Ann's famous brownies, which she insisted weren't an entry, won a prize, or that a pie by Boo did as well? Music by Brandon T. Washington, Brian kept me supplied with appetizers I could eat and chardonnay. It was perfect. I was utterly exhausted from a sleepless night so I left earlier than I would have normally, but it was a perfect celebration. Look, here's the birthday girl. Nothing makes her happier than her house filled with friends, food, and music.


Right now, Ernie and I are being lazy. He's watching a movie; I'm fussing on the computer. I should do a bit of work but it just might have to wait until tomorrow. Ernie and I are finally going to get a tree today. We were going to go yesterday but it was SUCH a good day to stay inside… This will be the first year we get a tree without the boys. It makes me a little sad but Leo is swamped with schoolwork and has worked all weekend and Owen didn't seem to care. Leo thoughtfully considered it, but finally said to go without him. He DID put his foot down on putting up the mantel Christmas trees. He firmly stated that we could NOT do it this week as he's too busy and we are NOT allowed to do it without him. You have no idea how that warmed my heart. My sweet 20-year-old boy (MAN) insisting we can't put them up without him. Oh, my heart. I will gladly put it off a week to be able to do it as a family.

If the planets align we plan to go see Silverweed at the Rose Bowl. An early show too! Oh, and popcorn. 🍿

Oh, and last but not least, my phone case arrived in the mail. Um, just a bit too late. Sigh.