So, I thought, I got the insurance for my iPhone so I'll be all set.


After getting my phone case in the mail a day AFTER the back of my phone got broken, I submitted my claim, downloaded my paperwork, scanned my license, uploaded it all and waited. Three hours they said. In three hours I'd get an email with the details. Well, the details arrived and they said, SURE, we'll get you all fixed up. If it's a broken screen it's just a $29 deductible. If it's anything else…like the back of your phone is a cracked mess….your deductible is $200. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Damn it.

I just put the cheap phone case over it and am trying to not be grumpy.

Damn it.

Never again. If I get a new phone I will just buy the expensive case at the Verizon store. It's like buying a new car. We did it once and swore never again.

In other news, it's Giving Tuesday. And yes, I'm shilling for something I believe in. Wait, is it shilling if you believe in it? Ok, I looked up the definition. I guess I'm not shilling because I'm clear that I'm affiliated with it. ANYWAY. 


Something to think about these days. For those of us here in CU…look at what the hell is going on with our local news. Or do we even truly have a local newspaper anymore? As traditional business models for journalism change, and in some cases fail, those of us wanting truthful, clear reporting on issues that matter to us need to look at nonprofit news sources. And for those of us that care about issues like food supply, climate change, sustainability, big ag, the small farm…all of it…we can look to Investigate Midwest, aka the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting. I've got a Facebook fundraiser going on. If you are able to support it, I would be truly grateful. Because of matching funds from NewsMatch and REI, your gift will be tripled! And…don't forget that Facebook doesn't charge fees on donations to nonprofits! 

And by the way, I hate my new phone case.


Maybe I should do a fundraiser for my deductible! Actually, I think I should do a fundraiser for floor refinishing. Ten years of house concerts is not really good for hardwood floors in need of refinishing. Oh well. I'll stick to my fundraiser on FB.




One thought on “Phone Cases and Shilling

  1. News? Local? The DI is apparently written by high schoolers whose native language is not English but who have online thesauruses to pad their assignments, and the News-Gazette is not far behind. When the Champaign Police station emptied out *twice* on Monday, *that* should have been “breaking” or “latest” news. I saw nothing about the incidents on the News-Gazette’s site, either Monday afternoon/evening or Tuesday. Apparently, what is now termed the latest “news” is a list of historical events, activities for today, and the latest injury to a football player. I suppose I get what I paid for, though. Perhaps the paid version actually contains current and important news to the local community. But I doubt it.