1. The other day Ernie was at Aldi's doing the cart handoff with somebody. He noticed that she'd left a big package of bottled water underneath the cart. She was holding a baby and had a toddler with her so he offered to take it to her car. As they walked over he said to her, "My wife is always thinking our boys should still be this age." She asked him how old they were and he said they were 17 and 20 and she said, "Oh, that's how old I am!"


2. Secret fact: I'm never sure which toothbrush is mine so I just grab whatever one is closest. I'm not sure my family knows this.

3. We did a test run of a recipe for the Tom Mason Christmas party. Cuban picadillo…sort of a Cuban sloppy joe. We just put ours over a heap of greens and we LOVED it. Ground beef, peppers, olives, raisins and almonds. It was delightful!


Side note: don't forget to put December 20 on your calendar!

4. I took this picture, even though it shows the horribly peeling paint on my house because I was astounded that the sky could be so beautifully blue.