And so it begins. House concert cooking….vegan black beans up first. Tonight I start the picadillo…then just rice on Friday. If I've learned nothing else cooking for house concerts for ten years, it's that things that are better a day or two after they are made are the way to go. Not that I always follow that rule, but I try. 


I've been fighting off a low-grade cold for a while now and presto, after I let myself get all stressed out, it overtook me. I don't get colds nearly as often since I gave up gluten (or rather, gluten gave up me) but any time I get too stressed out, BOOM, cold. Crazy what stress does to us, isn't it?

Last night was risotto made with Triple S Farms turkey broth, a bit of butter and lots of parmesan. It was heavenly. I didn't even make a salad to go with it. Just plain creamy turkey-y parmesan-y rice. 


Hmmm. Hattie just threw up behind the Christmas tree and then promptly walked straight into the fireplace (sans fire). Do you think she has dementia?

Ah, well.