January 17. The Cancer Center's Christmas decorations come down and we celebrate the mm-mmmmmth anniversary of the day we met. Ok, ok. Thirty-nine freaking years. DO keep in mind that I was an infant.

It was the weekend before the semester started back up. My roommate Jeanne and I had gone to Chicago over break and I'd bought a glorious army jacket at some vintage store along Clark or Lincoln. Here I am wearing it a few years later in Maine.


I loved that jacket. I think I still have it somewhere. Anyway, Jeanne and I headed out to Mabel's that night, because that is just what you did. Poison Squirrel was playing. Three sets. 

After the third set, the story was that the after party would be at 404 S. Busey. So we walked from Mabel's over to Urbana, me shivering in my jacket. As we stood around with a beer in a plastic cup I saw Ernie come in. AT LAST…the cute blonde from Record Service! He'd give me the nod as we walked by each other in Mabel's but he was a lousy flirt so that's as far as we had gotten. He was talking to Roy Axford and I kinda knew Roy from the Vertebrats so I went over and inserted myself into the conversation. Roy eventually kindly wandered off and I said to Ernie, "Don't you think it's time we knew each other's names?"

And here we are today. 

How did we celebrate our anniversary? Well, we went to the Cancer Center. Ha! It was his last day of radiation however so that was somewhat celebratory. Afterward, we went out to one last radiation breakfast as my morning meeting had been canceled. We hit Urbana Gardens…I am thinking of doing a second Crosstown Classic…an Urbana version: Urbana Gardens vs. Apple Dumpling. We shall see.

We came back home and I did some work for a while. Eventually, we trotted off to Aldi's. Yes, we know how to CELEBRATE. Then Target. Then an afternoon drink at Huber's. I anxiously awaited for snow to no avail. Sigh. We got back home, had a fire in the fireplace, then watched some tv and made a wonderful salmon dinner courtesy some beautiful groceries our dear Teri had dropped off. 


Could I have imagined this day 39 years ago? Not a chance.

We are so lucky. I mean, yeah, there's been plenty of hard times, and more to come, but we are blessed with one another.




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