We went out for breakfast again. I know, not a good habit—we normally only do diner breakfasts when we're traveling. As Ernie noted the other day though, there's something about doing this that reclaims some kind of normalcy to our day and wipes the scent of the cancer center off us. Tomorrow is his last radiation and we have another appt and then a meeting, so today was our last radiation breakfast. As a former art history major, I automatically compare and contrast, so here goes (anybody remember going to the slide tables outside the Ricker library to study for art or architectural history tests?).

My standard diner breakfast order: two eggs over easy, hash browns, sausage patties, iced tea.



Eggs: they always double the number of eggs you order which I always forget. So, yes, I got four eggs over easy. Done perfectly. Delightfully runny. 

Hash browns: they were nice and browned (I tried ordering them extra crispy once and they ended up burnt) but it was like separate little pieces of potato…they didn't stick together as hash browns should.

Sausage patties: big and juicy and the tiniest bit spicy.

Hot sauce: Cholula and Tabasco

Iced tea: good

Service: great



Eggs: perfect

Hash browns: wonderfully crispy but soft and creamy in the center!

Sausage patties: a tiny bit dry. Now, this could be read as leaner, but if you're eating this breakfast I don't think that's your major concern.

Hot sauce: Cholula

Iced tea: excellent and served with an iced tea spoon. I don't add anything to my iced tea but I still like the iced tea spoon.


Service: great

Hmmmm. So, OHOP was the clear hash brown winner, but Sammy's sausage was better. The price was exactly the same, although that's because we didn't have toast or pancakes. Everything at OHOP is a la carte so it would have been more, whereas Sammy's has one set price for the breakfast.

Winner? I think I'm going to have to declare a tie—if hash browns are your priority go with OHOP, if sausage or number of eggs is, then Sammy's.