Absolutely nothing.

Well, that's not true.

Hair communicates a lot about us. Not always, but it CAN communicate a hell of a lot.

Ernie's hair has always said something for him.

I mean, he saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Hair means something to him.

He's always had the ability to get 'the nod' from musicians or other arbiters of our version of cool. Some of it's just him, and some of it is his beautiful hair. When I first saw him at Record Service his hair was about down to his shoulders. I thought he was incredibly cute. My hair was kind of a punk buzz cut at that time. A few weeks later my roommate Jeanne and I stopped in at Record Service and she whispered to me, "Oh, the blonde got his hair cut." Those were the days for short hair and he looked perfect. It took me several months, but I finally got the then short-haired blonde to talk to me at an after-hours party post Mabel's show.

And here we are today.

In the scheme of things, Ernie losing his hair from chemo is absolutely nothing.

But, I must say, it's gonna hurt.


One thought on “Hair. Huh. What is it GOOD for?

  1. How long will the chemo treatments last, I wonder.
    Maybe his hair will thin out, and he won’t lose all of it. maybe.
    I always love all the old photos you post. Ernie’s h.s. graduation pic!
    thinking of you guys…