We're holed up down here in radiology. The doctor has finished his treatment plan and Ernie should get his first treatment shortly. As we chatted with the radiologist he mentioned that they don't usually release acute patients over the weekend. He left and I looked at Ernie and said, "I'd rather you were just cute, not acute." We giggled. One doctor said he was glad we still had a sense of humor (some of them don't get Ernie's jokes…although to be fair, he made one today that necessitated knowing titles of Richard Thompson albums and rhyming tumor with rumor). We told him we figure that's the only way to get through. He seemed to agree which made me like him.

We're watching Elf.

Thanks for all the kind messages and good thoughts. They mean the world to us.



One thought on “I’d rather you were just cute

  1. whoa
    Cynthia and Ernie-
    Karin asked me if I was aware of what’s going on with Ernie and I said “what’s going on?”
    The best of luck to you Ernie, and Cynthia.. your family.
    Our thoughts are with you for sure.
    Your friends,
    Van and Karin