When we sauntered off on Saturday morning we had no set plan. We had southern Wisconsin in mind but no route. While that is nice in theory I ended up spending too much time looking at maps and googling possibilities and generally driving myself insane. It was also pouring rain most of the day. Eventually, we settled on stopping overnight in Monroe, Wisconsin. We stopped relatively early but it seemed the right thing to do. The fog was thick as thieves which isn't necessarily pleasant for driving but once we stopped I was happy as I adore fog. 

Our first stop was Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern.

Since 1931. 

I know, right? Life is good.

We walked through the cheese shop and on into the bar in the back. There's a huge mural of beer steins fighting wine bottles.

Again—I know, right?

I would have died for a cheese sandwich on rye but that was not to be so we went for the cheese plate. I love it when things are done simply and perfectly. Four thick pieces of brick cheese, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. Four slices of some sausagy thing I should know the name of, and a little ramekin of crackers. Squeeze bottles of spicy mustard, sweet mustard, and a horseradish with a delightful kick.

So perfect.

The cheese was room temperature and heavenly. We devoured that plate. I may never eat cheese again but DAMN that was good. The place was hopping and LOUD with a football game on all the tv's. Eventually we needed a quieter spot so we moved on, but DAMN I was proud of my choice!


Oh, and I gotta say…Wisconsin knows how to do Christmas decorations. More to follow.