1. I couldn't really listen to any David Olney songs for a few days. Now I've started to again. Everything from the X-Rays to the songs he did at the last house show here with Dan Seymour. I can't always get all the way through them, but it's a start.

2. Cyndi Holcombe posted about her and Malcolm's favorite David Olney phrase, "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye," and it made me laugh as I remember him saying that, with one eyebrow kind of raised.

3. I remember one time when he showed up in the afternoon before a house concert. Owen must have been 9 or 10 and he was sitting in the living room with a bag of potato chips. David walked in and grabbed a handful of potato chips. Owen kind of blinked up at him and then David walked into the kitchen, threw open the refrigerator door and said, "you got anything to eat?" That made me very happy. I know we didn't know him intimately as so many did, but there was a bond there, for whatever reason.

4. One time after a show he and Sergio stayed over another day. He wandered over the next afternoon. We were sitting in the front yard…it was summer. He asked if he could take us to dinner. He said he wanted to go somewhere that had macaroni and cheese. He explained that he didn't necessarily WANT macaroni and cheese but he wanted someplace that might serve it. He said sometimes people brought him to this or that exotic or trendy restaurant… I understood. We went to Big Grove and it was perfect. The four of us sat and talked. He said, "What are you going to do next? You've got this great series going, what's next?" I wish I'd had an answer. I still do.

When it came time to pay for dinner I protested. I can't remember exactly what he said but it was something to the effect of "ok, thanks for the protest, now let it go." It was said with that wonderful grin crossed with a smirk.

5. I've been having problems getting Owen to actually attend his classes. As he cheerfully explains to me, "there's only ONE class I need to pass to graduate, ma." Sigh. This morning I slept late and he was running late too. He popped his head in the room and I just wearily said, "Oh, glad to see you're skipping your class. Now come snuggle with me." He did and we laid there talking about the week, about how it had been a hard week. He told me he thought David Olney was so interesting that he couldn't believe he wouldn't always be there in the background of his life doing things. I made him watch the video of the last song David did at our house with me. I explained about Kubla Khan…and we listened to Deeper Well, Kubla Khan, a dash of War, what is it good for, listened and watched. He gave me a kiss. I said that maybe this wouldn't have hit me so hard if we weren't dealing with Ernie's cancer. He stood up, at the foot of the bed, the same place Ernie was when he gave me the news about David, and said, "You know, I think if we weren't dealing with this stuff of Dad's, it might have hit you even harder." He might be right. I love that boy.

6. One of the times David played at St. Matthew's…maybe the second time…his wife Gine came with him. I was delighted to meet her….I always love meeting the spouse of someone I love, and David was always so clearly loving when he spoke about her. She was lovely and they somehow made perfect sense together. Ann and Bob had all of us over for dinner. I remember the next day David talking to me about what a nice time he'd had. He said so often he was either 'on' or 'off' but that night he'd just been himself. What a lovely compliment. Ann knows how to do that with people. I hate this picture of me but will post it anyway. Thanks, Bob.

David Gine friends

And a few random pictures

Last August in our front yard…thx Teri


at St. Matthews on Palm Sunday


Don't know what was going on, but I love that laugh


I love, love, love this picture. I think he was doing Look


Last August, chatting with folks with Lucienne selling merch. Perfect.

Pie judging


One of my favorite pictures. Thanks Sue.







2 thoughts on “More Random David Olney Notes

  1. Owen is fine young man. How is Leo?
    These memories of David Olney are extra beautiful, but I am struck by Owen.
    I tried to graduate from HS early because I hated it there so much. Beloved teachers talked me out of it, but I arranged by senior year with independent studies and other classes early in the morning. Often, a friend and I would skip out of school and go have lunch (and wine… don’t tell my mom) at a café downtown. It made me feel more human and more hopeful.
    Then I went to college and things were better for me. I needed harder classes, more focused work.
    I like how you and Ernie are parenting your boys. Sometimes I can be a mean mom to E because I worry and have my own anxiety. I like how your boys are finding how to live their lives. There is so much love in your home.
    I’m sending more over. Hi Ernie! Extra hug for you.