I think I'm in a bad mood today. It took forever to drag myself out of bed. I'm irritated with my sons. Irritated with everybody. I've got pieces of Ernie's beard and hair all over the fleece shirt I'm wearing. I keep thinking it's Friday and I don't even want it to be Friday because that means it will be Monday and time for another round of chemo. Our house is a disaster and yet I can't seem to make myself do much about it. The fact that I cleaned the bathroom sink was a huge victory yesterday.

I'm angry.

But, there's this.

Ernie wearing his new fuck cancer hat courtesy Melissa Muckenhirn. Friendship does help.


I think he's got a bit of a Ray Wylie Hubbard vibe going on.

Today might be the last day of the beard though.

Owen's dying to shave Ernie's head…to get the last of it, but I don't think Ernie's ready yet. 

Ok. Enough.


Fucking onward because there's no other god damned choice.

4 thoughts on “No Other Choice

  1. This is the lowest time of the year and your circumstances only exaggerate it. Cleaning a sink is a big victory. Keep on keeping on.

  2. OMG! He DOES have a Ray Wylie vibe going on! OK…I guess that’s not the main point.
    And I guess that our own sinks are looking pretty bad too is also not the main point either.
    The point is you are dealing with the important stuff as best you can. Loving Ernie is the most important “stuff”.