It felt so good to have Ernie back home last night. We were both stupidly tired so mindless watching of the Golden Globes was perfect. We even made it to the end before collapsing into bed. And our beloved friend Renee had sent us a GrubHub gift certificate so we didn't have to think about dinner or shopping (as there's not a god damned shred of food in the house).

Thank you to all for the good wishes, comments, prayers, etc. There are times that social media is powerful. I know some people are very private about these things but for whatever reason, writing about what's going on in our life here helps me process it all. It's why I started this blog in the first place….back in 2006 (!) when I was juggling with little kids and elderly parents and all the health issues involved, then, of course, Ernie's first return of cancer and my sister's cancer and death got added into the mix. So, when things get complicated in life, as they often do, I need to put it out here…for those who care…but mostly for me to work my way through it.

We just got back from his first outpatient radiation. Strangely familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. They also gave us a sheet with instructions for tapering off his steroids. In big letters it says  'you are taking this steroid to reduce possible swelling in your brain.' Ernie's response? "That makes sense. My brain is in my ass."

I love him.

Thanks and love to all. Again, your kindness has meant a lot to me, but especially to Ernie.


The warm weather has the kale starting to grow again. See? Anything is possible.