I felt pretty positive Monday: new week, feeling a little better, work I was looking forward to doing. Then Ernie's hair started falling out.


It was sooner than I expected. Although when I actually thought about the date I realized it was right on schedule.

We both cried a little bit. I mean, Ernie and his hair…

Today he took a shower and so much fell out that it became one big mat so I cut if off.

I gotta say, this hurts.

He doesn't look that different from the front because he always had it pulled back, but it feels very, very different.

Just the other day:



IMG_1829 2

The rest of it's probably not here for long either.



2 thoughts on “Oof

  1. sending love and healing. Ernie is very handsome and lovely, even without hair… it’s his hear that shines.

  2. oh. It’s ok to cry about it…I would too.
    Here to listen/read as you guys go through this.
    Give Ernie a hug from me!