I kind of liked the heavy grey skies of yesterday but perhaps the blue sky will be good for our spirits. I'm happy to report that Ernie is feeling much better—-through the worse of the side effects from this round of chemo. He's sleeping less, not as cold, and back to eating. He's still tired of course but better. So it looks like it is indeed days 5-9 that are the worst. Hopefully, he'll continue to improve until we do it again on February 3.

I must admit I am behind on my thank you's. So many folks have kindly sent gift certificates, notes, groceries, meals, etc. I was trying to keep up but I have fallen behind. I will try to catch up but please know how much we appreciate your kindness. As I said to my cousin the other day, it makes us feel connected and loved. 

Some random pictures….

Getting back to eating better….makes me feel better physically and mentally.


This did not end well. To be fair, she WAS sleeping on his blanket.


A rare shot of Owen with his hair down, watching a David Olney video with me.


Damn, that bungalow sign is crooked. 2/3 of my beautiful boys.


Listening to Gwil Owen's wonderful tribute to David Olney.


Rascal checking out the snowy field.



3 thoughts on “Random Notes and Pictures from the Sandwich Life

  1. Love following your posts , you were such a good friend to David. . . . From way back. I came in so late to this music life I often felt like an outsider. Yet I loved him with all my heart and admired his songs so….. wish I had known you three better…Loved that old picture of Sergio teaching Owen how to hold a guitar… It is to Sergio and Julie that I owe my introduction to David’s music. And life .thanks for sharing your memories . . . . . Lucienne