1. It was SO hot.

2. Everybody was incredibly kind.

3. By the last team of doctors, I'd lost my friendliness quotient, however.

4. Having your own oncologist walk in instead of the ER doc is not a good sign. It's like when you get a phone call and they say, "the doctor would like to talk to you." It's never good.

5. Our oncologist got teary when I did. I love him.

6. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for eleven hours does not help with aches and pains.

7. All I had yesterday was a handful of almonds, some potato chips and wine. So much for healthy January.

8. I understand why they all have to ask the same questions, I really do, but COME ON.

9. I gave up and left before Ernie was in his hospital room. I'm glad I did though. Just getting to the car made me want to cry and I felt like I'd been drinking while I was driving home….just so exhausted.

10. I've got crossword puzzles and other supplies packed, heading over soon. I let Leo sleep a bit.

11. Happy birthday to two beloved men, Owen Blackwelder (18 years old!) and Fats Kaplin.

12. And here's Owen at the moment he realized that if he wore the new clothes he'd gotten in the mail that he might look like Arthur.






One thought on “Random Notes from the Emergency Room

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m behind.
    Love & prayers. Let me know what I could do to help.
    Happy belated birthday. Owen & Fats!