1. Glorious salad supplies from our dear friend, Sandra. Made for a heavenly salad. The next morning I knew I had to eat because the Cancer Center doesn't seem to have gluten free snacks. I forced myself to make something and this made it so easy. I just took a handful of the leftovers, stir fried it a bit and dumped in a bit of leftover quinoa and vinaigrette.


2. This was Ernie about 25 minutes into waiting for the radiation oncologist. So what did he do? He started playing Howling Wolf. I can't quite describe what it's like listening to Howling Wolf in the Cancer Center. See why I love him so much?

3. My new favorite wine. #hardchard

IMG_1681 2

4. Wonderful dinner from Ann and Bob.


5. How long will the Cancer Center decorations stay up? Rob Arrol?


6. Seat belt covers to protect your port made by Carle Auxiliary members. 


7. Owen's band is playing the Great Cover Up. Life is good. Surreal and hard and weird and all that, but good.

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3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Whenever I give dinners to friends on the mend, I always do big salad dinners. We are starved for vegetables and fruit when we’re pre-occupied, and it is *impossible* to wash and cut vegetables when we’re tired. You have nice friends. Be gentle with you all.