Ok. Here he is sans ponytail wearing a Reynold's Towing hat he found in the parking lot of Schnucks and brought home to Owen one time. Yes, we washed it. I guess we'll have to get some other hats too. I don't think the beard is long for this world either. He still looks beautiful.


Here are the boys checking on their father. Leo's JUST about to pull his hand out ofo his pocket to give me the finger. It's a technique he finds even more efficient than the hand in front of his face that he used in the past. I love those boys.


Owen's home from school not feeling well and I don't feel too great myself although it might be that I forgot to say 'no onions' when I got my dinner last night. 

Why does it keep snowing at NIGHT when I can't enjoy it?

A little tired and bleary.

A rare picture of my Leo.


It's always comforting to know Rascal is watching over us all.



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