1. New radiation time slot. Friendlier lot although someone had my favorite seat. I will try to adapt. AND Ernie found that he had indeed left his pocket knife in the locker yesterday. Yay. It's getting a bit faded. It says ERNIE 2016 replacing the older one that said DADDY 2006. My sweet boys. All three of them.


2. Yesterday we had our nurse/teach session about chemo. The nurse was incredibly nice but I kind of just wanted to yell, "JUST GIVE ME THE FOLDER AND I'LL READ IT MYSELF." Ernie starts chemo on Monday. This was a surprise to us as we thought there was going to be a break between radiation and chemo but the sooner the better I suppose. Of course, we're pretty damn familiar with the cancer center already so there was no need for the tour to see where snacks or water or bathrooms are. It's helpful information but on a gloomy day…well,  I've had more fun.

3. On the other hand, we have two days off with no doctor appointments, and here is a pic of Owen the other day, playing some Chet Atkins while they were waiting.



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