I've always been somewhat of a failed preservationist. For whatever reason, I much prefer buildings before they are restored. Now, mind you, that's an impractical mindset. If I love a building then, of course, I want it restored and used as it should be. But damn, they just tug at my heart so much before they are restored. 

It's the same way with antiques, I much prefer them with signs of wear. We should be proud of our wear, should we not? Objects are a sum of their experiences just as we humans are.

So it's with a sense of loss that I saw the new state of the Garden Inn Motel. Here it is when we came across it outside of Cairo, IL about a year ago.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.05.52 AM

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.08.53 AM

Ok, it's been 'restored,' but damn I don't think that sign ever looked like that with that purple in there, do you? I don't know. It just made me sad. Not that it's bad that some smart guy from Anna, Il has been going around plucking old signs and refurbishing them to save them and make a profit. It just made me a little sad. Gussied up, out of context. She just doesn't tug at my heart the way she used to.

She sold for $23,000.

There's a Rantoul sign in the auction as well. Sold for $35,000. I know, I know, if the sign isn't being used, it should be saved right? 



One thought on “The Failed Preservationist

  1. I always wonder what became of the motel sign with a palm tree that was down in Tuscola. It hasn’t been gone that long.