My baby is sitting across the room dozing. He was reading the paper with Bob at his side, but now they are both dozing on and off. This might be the beginning of the effects of chemo or it could just be that he tossed and turned all last night. Which, as the person on the other side of the bed, I can attest to.

Yesterday afternoon we set off the Heart and Vascular Institute to have his chemo port inserted. We were both moderately grumpy. As we drove down James Street I felt as though the car were moving forward but Ernie and I were both willing it to stop. You know when you're riding a bike and you put your foot down to try to slow yourself? That's how it felt. It didn't do any good though…we still ended up at our allotted appointment. It all went smoothly but took FOREVER. We ended up being there four and a half hours which was an hour or two longer than expected. It made me appreciate how nice it is when things go according to schedule because we're three for three this week on things NOT going according to schedule.

We were utterly exhausted by the end. I'd woken up with a full-fledged cold that morning. In fact, I didn't even go to his radiation appointment with him as it seemed too rude to sit in a small waiting room of cancer patients with your nose running. I was a bit better in the afternoon so I figured the HVI waiting room could just suck it up. We got home a bit after five and collapsed as we listened to Owen's Funeral practice for their upcoming Great Cover Up gig. Our dear neighbor Barb brought us dinner. We are blessed with our friends.



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