2020 is starting out a bit rough.

Monday we saw the oncologist and although we were upset about the numbers and upcoming treatment changes, Ernie FELT fine. On Tuesday he started having pain and it just went downhill from there. This morning he called the oncologist's office to tell him what was going on and they told him to go to the emergency room. I just got home after spending around 11 hours there.

Long, LONG story short, he has a tumor on his sacrum. He will get radiation, possibly chemo. First, they need to figure out if it has traveled elsewhere.

We pretty much assumed that this was what was going on, but when, after the MRI and CT scans in walked our oncologist instead of the ER doctor, we knew that was not a good sign. I do love our oncologist though. I feel grateful for his care and his kindness.

No expressions of sympathy are needed….lord only knows we ALL have challenges of one sort or another, but love and prayers are welcome.

Lots of love and prayers.


 We don't know how long he'll be in the hospital but he'd prefer no visitors at this time.


One thought on “Welp.

  1. I’m so sorry Ernie, Cynthia & sons. You are so blessed to have one another. In my thoughts. Kent