Yesterday we called a family meeting of sorts. We went through the chemo info so we could all know some of the things to expect. It was just good to talk it through. Most of it was things we already had a rough idea of (side effects, etc.) but we talked about the schedule and when he might feel the worst, etc. Some of it made us go, "huh,' as we'd never thought about the fact that he'd be excreting hazardous waste and rubber gloves and bleach wipes would be needed. We also made a list of questions for Dr. Vasireddy.

After that, we all took down the Christmas tree and the mantle trees. Four hands, well, oops, eight hands, makes quick work. The ornaments are still on the dining room table as the basement has water in it but it won't take long to get that put away. As much as I would have liked the tree up longer in some ways, it always feels good to have the room clear again. Leo suggested we all go out to lunch, which was a brilliant idea. We got our favorite table (second favorite spot—the corner booth reigns supreme) and had a lovely time. I love those boys, well, those men, so much. They have such good and steady hearts.


side note: I don't know why Ernie always hunches…it might be he forgets they are as tall as he is now…



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