The mood in the house was decidedly grumpy yesterday. I decided today would have to be much better. I got up and got some work done and then, for the first time in ages, we went to the farmer's market.

There wasn't one.

We decided, what the hell, we'll go to breakfast. I decided to finish my Urbana Crosstown Classic so we went to the Apple Dumpling.

Worst breakfast ever.

Urbana Garden triumphs over the Apple Dumpling and not just because of its EAT sign. The Apple Dumpling review:

Eggs: strangely unsatisfying and somehow seemed to have tons of white but not much yolk.

Sausage: Eh. Very finely textured, read almost dry, and strangely unsatisfying.

Hash browns: Well, they're not hash browns they're called 'American taters.' Turns out they had onion in them so I couldn't eat them but we all know if they'd been good I would have cheated and eaten some of them anyway. I asked for them extra crispy and they were nicely browned.. How some kind of potato thing could be browned like that and NOT taste good is beyond me.

I guess this is why they normally put sausage gravy over everything. In fact, we had to request no sausage gravy.

Iced tea: kinda watery.


We came home and I asked the guys to move the black blanket chest out of the media room where it had been banished, first for the Christmas tree, then for BARK. I asked them to lift it by the handles to move it.

They didn't.

Now one foot on the blanket chest is broken and I became absolutely, fucking livid.

Things did not go well.


Fucking onward.


One thought on “0 for 3

  1. Sad about Apple Dumpling. I used to ride my bike past it, and this City Mouse used to imagine it was the quintessential “country” place. (I know, Urbana isn’t the country…)