I think I need to start planning to take chemo days off work. I always think I'll be able to work when he's there, which I did for a bit, and then later, but somehow these days throw us off. I think from now on I will plan not to try to work unless there's something that's timely.

He was supposed to get the blood taken from his port at 7 and then see the doctor about an hour and a half later. I sleepily suggested he get his blood done and then come back and get me. That plan went to hell when they ran late and he kept trying to text and call me to tell me to get ready but my phone was on silent and I was fast asleep, deep in a dream about Van DeLisle, Thanksgiving dinner, guests and chemo when Ernie came in said, "We gotta go!" I crawled out of bed, threw my clothes on, gulped some water, brushed my teeth and off we went. Thank God I'd made a list on my phone of questions for the doctor because I was in a thick fog and the rainy morning didn't help.

As always, the thing I say after an appointment is, "I LOVE Dr. Vasireddy." I truly do.

I questioned him more directly about Ernie's prognosis. Although there are a lot of variables, he said he didn't imagine any imminent danger in the next 2-5 years. I was so grateful to hear this. 

With all my heart.




One thought on “Update

  1. Hi All,
    It’s really weird to see Ernie without his trademark beard and ponytail 😱
    You’re all in my prayers💕