1. I've been feeling kinda off this week. I've been eating terribly, had a bit of a cold, stressed about lots of things….no WONDER I feel lousy. Well, at least I got that figured out. Ha.

2. I wonder why the Mahomet Family Restaurant has asterisked every place egg is listed on their menu with the helpful explanation *fully cooked. I suppose we could have asked but sometimes it's better to wonder. Eggs, excellent. Hash browns, great flavor but should have asked for extra crispy, sausage, very good. And, I'm always charmed by menus that include jelly in their description of the meal. Not just toast, but toast with jelly. 


3. Owen has transformed the basement into a more spacious spot for rehearsal. The boy is a born nester.


4. Even if you don't pay for the New York Times recipes you should subscribe to their Cooking newsletter. I love reading Sam Sifton's take on the week with suggested recipes, non-recipes, good stories and commentary he's read on everything from food to politics to culture. There's something strangely comforting about it. 

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5. I was hoping to go on a wander this weekend…had some places all picked out but don't think the budget will allow it. And chemo on Monday again already. Ugh. Fucking cancer. Fucking money. Fucking everything.

6. Hmmm. Ok, let's end on something positive. Hmmm. Oh, I know!! Owen registered to vote and we just got his voter registration card in the mail!



2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Our daughter was shocked–SHOCKED–when our grandson’s voter registration application arrived in the mail. He’ll be 18 in August. Hope you can all go wandering soon.