See that blue spot? That's where the water company marked it when they turned our water off. Not because we couldn't pay our bill, but because we just can't seem to manage daily life these days. Sigh. Bill has been paid, water to be back on this afternoon. I just can not seem to wrap my head around things these days.


Yesterday was Ernie's second chemo. We went in around 9, got blood taken from his port, killed an hour at Epstein's Bagels because the Starbucks in the South Clinic was closed. Met with our oncologist. Ernie will continue these rounds of chemo until he can't tolerate them, then other approaches will be tried.

A sobering day.

IMG_2144 2
His beard was getting patchy so he shaved it off. Owen and I were both enjoying tugging little tufts of it out. Leo was absolutely appalled at us. "That is just RUDE," he yelled in disgust. Of course, he's right but hell you gotta find the fun where you can get it. So Ernie's Ray Wylie Hubbard vibe is gone and I'm thinking he might be channeling Billy Joe Shaver.


We had a lovely time on our wander over the weekend.

A little old school, replete with its bell and the outhouse peeking out from behind it.



Poor little old church.



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