Man, don't come between me and my snow. I was furious at my family because nobody would go out in the snow with me Wednesday night. I asked Ernie…even pulling out the "Do you remember when I was 19 and I woke you up in the middle of the night because it was snowing so beautifully? And I convinced you to get up and go for a walk? And we stopped at Ye Olde Doughnuts when they opened at 3 or 4? And then we kept walking and went to the IGA and got stuff to make chili and went back to your house and I skipped all my classes?

Did no good.

Now, I know, I know, I am responsible for my own snow experiences. I should have gone by my own damn self. I'm an idiot. So I woke up still mad but I found that rage can make you get work done really fast. Then it started getting windy and I was afraid my snow was going to blow off the trees so I stomped downstairs and said I was going out. I yelled a bunch. Owen made the mistake of laughing at me. Ernie hurriedly set aside his breakfast and we went off to Allerton with me sniffing for emphasis all the way. 

I know. Poor Ernie. 

However, the snow rage melted out of me as we walked and drove through Allerton.



Last night Ernie, Leo and I headed to the City Center for Owen's Funeral at the Great Cover-Up. I, of course, am totally biased but I thought they did a great job. Their work totally payed off. 

Now, I am trying to get work done in front of the fireplace and BARK. is tonight. 

I think I'd call this a damned good day.

Hope to see you tonight. Come on out and rock Valentine's Day with BARK! Just message me if you need directions/info. We'd love to have you!

In 2014 Tim Lee and Susan Bauer Lee begat Bark, a product of the melding of two keenly honed, fiercely independent musical minds focused on carving out a 21st century niche situated somewhere between garage rock, punk rock, power pop, The Cramps, The Feelies, The B52s, R. L. Burnside, and the Delta blues.

I love this quote too:

“… a lo-fi post-punk garage-rock combo inspired by American blues and roots revisionists like the Cramps, the Gun Club, and R.L. Burnside ….”

And here they are, from last night in Nashville, doing a David Olney song. ❤️


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