I should have updated folks yesterday I realize…because by evening folks were checking in. The results from Ernie's PET scan were GOOD, thank you very much. I KNOW! A doctor's appointment that left us happy! Shocking.

There was no sign of anything we didn't already know about, so no need for more radiation and the chemo should address what's already happening. We were weak with relief. And, in other good news, so far Ernie is tolerating this round of chemo better than the last one. I mean we'll see, it's day by day but he's still eating and not sleeping all day and this is the nadir of his treatment, so, well, we'll take it!


And don't forget:

Owen's Funeral plays at 8:15 on Thursday night at the City Center. I told Owen I'd try to bring the old people for him!


And, of course, FRIDAY!

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