1. I'm an idiot. I ordered some food last night and it turned out the chicken was breaded. I ate it anyway. Geez. So I feel like crap today but I deserve it.

2. Owen's Funeral is taking part in the Great Cover-Up! I told him I'd try to round up the old folks! It's on Thursday, February 13, the night before our house concert and thank God they go on early lol. 8:15 I believe. All for charity too! We'll be there.

3. The always brilliant Mary Sack somehow scheduled the David Olney Memorial for the perfect time in between rounds of chemo. We are going whether we can afford to or not. It will do our hearts good and we'll see lots of folks we love.

4. It's SNOWING. And it's DAYTIME. 

5. By the way…just gotta say that as I write about Ernie's cancer and the day to day of it…I know that there are about a billion OTHER people going through this quietly. I don't think we're special or it's more difficult for us or anything like that. We're not looking for any kind of pity (but will happily accept good thoughts and love). For whatever reason, this is just how I process my life. I hope that makes sense.


A pretty little block along the Mississippi in Warsaw, Illinois.





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