For some reason, I am still inordinately grumpy. I can't even figure out why. I'm not irritated by my family or my work. I just feel itchy and cross. My eyes keep running. I can't figure out if I've become allergic to cats or the dust in my house but something is bugging them. I'm trying to get back on my healthy eating (despite our Apple Dumpling foray) and that does make me feel better physically but that's not enough.

I don't know.

We went for a drive yesterday and I couldn't find a single thing to take a picture of.

Let's see. What do I got?

Ok, dinner with the girlfriend. We love her.


A different night, when it was just Ernie and me we had lamb loin chops. Damn, I love those. Some greens and a bit of sweet potato. It was perfect even though I forgot my low fodmap version of gremolata (lemon and parsley) that was supposed to go on top.


We have to take Hattie to the vet to have her anal gland attended to. At least I don't have that problem. See? It's all relative.