Frightening times. 

Carle contacted Ernie and said I will not be allowed to accompany him to his chemo on Monday. I can go to the doctor's appointment beforehand, but I won't be allowed in the infusion suite. I mean, it totally makes sense, you should SEE some of the folks in there. Hah! But good lord….this is my JOB! My job is to go with him, get him tea, get him a book to do his crossword puzzle on, snap a picture here or there, listen to his muttered jokes. Get mad on his behalf when appropriate (rare). I mean, it's my JOB.

I will go see Dr. Vasireddy with him and then I don't know…go get iced tea and work on my laptop for a bit? 

It's not that his infusion is that grueling, but still, you're sitting there getting poison poured into a hole in your body while people in varying shades of gray all around you are doing the same thing. It's the kind of place you want a loved one with you.


I'll be on his shoulder, as my mother would say.

It's hard to know how much to isolate at this point.  I want Ernie safe and yet he gets antsy. We did go to the farmer's market today. Side note…someone commented on Facebook questioning why it hadn't been canceled. Huh? Are we closing grocery stores? Anyway, we got some meat from Triple S but there were NO vegetables there. Man, we really have lost the touch. There were Girl Scout cookies and mushrooms and baked goods but no vegetables. I'd been planning to buy a bunch. Oh well. When we got back in the car we Purelled like crazy (fortunately we bought some for the last house concert because of Ernie's chemo).

Frightening times.

Just to cheer you up though, a sign we found on our wander. In the rain, of course.



One thought on “Frightening Times

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that coronavirus has added even more dread to the ordeal that you and Ernie are confronting. I can’t imagine what you are going through. I wish I could be there to lighten the load, share some muttered jokes, or be your Purell sommelier for a day. I’m thinking of you and the family! Jon