Yesterday somehow really felt like the first day of sheltering in place or whatever we want to call it. We've been staying housebound except for doctors' appointments and groceries for over a week but somehow yesterday felt different. Of course, both boys are now home, no more jobs to go to. 

I slept late and came down to the scent of baking muffins. Ernie used to often make biscuits or muffins in the morning but since I've gone gluten-free it doesn't happen as often. Owen ran to the store though and managed to get some tiny bags of Schnuck's brand flour so muffins were on the menu. Owen helped as Ernie's been having a rougher time with this round of chemo. The fatigue is pretty bad and his eating is way off. The boys were so sweet though, buttering his muffins for him and taking them to him and checking on him.

Later that afternoon, I told the boys that Fries and Peanuts would be shutting their doors for now. They were bereft so I suggested we do one last order of food as a formal goodbye. Ernie called it in and the guys ran down and got it. They said downtown is like a ghost town. As it should be, of course, but still unnerving. The boys were again so sweet thanking us for the food and for suggesting it. I know they sometimes make me crazy but God knows I don't know how we got so lucky with those two. They have such good hearts.

Owen built a nice fire in the fireplace and I moved the couch and chairs in front of it so it was cozier. Owen and I sat, mesmerized by the flames. Later, Ernie and I curled up in the media room and watched various food shows  (I kinda like the Food Networks new tournament show) and a mildly depressing but still fascinating documentary. When we get too tired he puts on an episode of Frasier, his comfort food tv. I watch for a few minutes and then go upstairs to read.

Today? Hmmm. Raspberries for breakfast. I've got a batch of Ernie's chicken and rice made so I don't necessarily need to cook. Maybe another fire in the fireplace. Perhaps a little picking up. That's about all I have planned. I need to do a hunt for toilet paper but I think that might have to wait.

Tomorrow I will get back to work but today will be another quiet day.





One thought on “Hunkering Down

  1. did you manage to find any tp?
    I’m kinda scared to go to the store (have sent Anna once) as the last time I went & things were so barren, that made me freak out. oy. It’s hard enough to stay calm…
    We’ve gotta keep taking deep breaths.
    Or something…