Long day yesterday. I was glad to have it over. Although, voting with both my boys felt triumphant. They felt strongly about voting and I was so proud of them for that. I still remember my grandfather, in his 90's, putting on a jacket and tie to go vote. My parents always voted, my father an election judge for many years. I'm glad to be passing those values on. My sweet peas.

Owen refused to take a selfie at the polling place and Leo refused to let me ask someone to take a picture of us so when we got back to the house Owen set the timer and took a picture of us after Leo made him change the placement of the camera due to the son. Good Lord but I love my boys. All three of them. And thus, we have a rare photo of all four of us.


We came back home and the boys dispersed. Ernie watched some tv and drank coffee while trying to ignore that he was starving. He couldn't eat until after the MRI. We headed over to the hospital around noon. The hospital is a very quiet place these days. No visitors, no volunteers. Again we were quizzed on symptoms before I was given a wristband and allowed to accompany Ernie. We headed down to the basement of the north clinic and sat in the waiting room with only one other person.

After Ernie was led off to be Xanaxed the other woman walked over with a tissue and pointed to something on the floor. She said hesitantly, "I'm not sure what that is." I stared at it and just as she went in with the tissue I said, "oh, wait," and I grabbed it. I laughingly tried to explain, "it's my husband's…it's a little toy; the paint is worn off so it looks a little funny but it's his good luck charm." She said, "oh, I thought it might be a piece of poop and kinda looked at me. I quickly stuck it in my pocket. It's Ernie's good luck Patrick Star from Sponge Bob. I think he has one in the car too. We might need to get him another one.


He got through the MRI ok. Good GOD, but it took a long time. We got there at noon and didn't get out until almost 4:00. Sigh. Bark representing though.


Most of the time I was the only one in the waiting room and when I went to the parking garage it looked like this.


The Xanax definitely helped. He was pretty amusing on the ride home. He explained to me how when he came out of the machine he asked them if he could get copies of the noises. He explained that his son was a DJ and he might be able to use them for transitions. They just nodded at him. Then he acted out all the noises for me as we drove. I laughed all the way home.

Always thinking of his boys, that one.




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