1. I do NOT understand how to shop for weeks at a time. I try but I fail big time. We were used to pretty much going to the store every day. That's just what we did. Now I'm trying to get more at one time but I end up getting enough for three days or four. Sigh.

2. How do you not touch your face when your eyes are watering from allergies?

3. Last night we did a test run of a virtual happy hour and I felt so much better after seeing some loved faces. I woke up feeling good this morning. Then Ernie had to deal with more wretched side effects and Owen did a long stream of consciousness rant about the world. Back to the depths.

4. Ok, I DID finally do some good cooking last night. I think that's part of what made me feel more cheerful (for a while anyway, hah). I bought some nice local chicken thighs from Harvest Market the other day. After I realized I had left my nice fish sit in the refrigerator too long (DAMN IT) I figured that's what we were having. I seared them in a pan, then turned them over, poured the last of Ernie's gruel (chicken and rice soup) over it and let it braise in a 400 degree oven for about a half hour. They were luscious. I served them with just some kale I'd gotten from farmer Greg (a couple of weeks ago  we were going out of town so I blanched and froze it so it wouldn't go bad. I'm so proud of myself) and the cooked down gruel as a bit of sauce. 

Delightful, if I do say so myself.

Ok, so I did over-sear a few pieces.


5. This morning Ernie made me some eggs, greens and cubes of tuna. Rascal was jealous.


6. There are so many other things I've forgotten to tell you. Like how the daffodils were everywhere when we drove through western Tennesee a few weeks back. It was amazing to me.

7. Oh, and this is my favorite moment of the peonies, other than their bloom. When they look like little red fists just punching through the earth victoriously.


8. And then there's Bob. Sometimes, if Ernie takes too long in the bathroom he has to come upstairs and made do with me. Poor Bob.



One thought on “Random Notes from a Random Mind

  1. Your food pix always make me hungry. dang! also love you pix from your drives, but your food…
    Spring has sprung, hasn’t it? Thinking about you guys…if you want to amuse yourself, you could peruse climbing roses–the one you had did bite the dust. If you get one, let me know, so I can get it in as soon as you get it.