1. Chemo today.

I contacted Carle yesterday to ask if I could accompany Ernie to his oncologist appointment because we were hearing conflicting things. They said to check with his care provider. Well, his blood draw was scheduled at 6:45 in the morning so the hell with that. We left in the dark but it was getting light as we parked. We had to stop at a table and they asked us if we had flu-like symptoms. We said no so I got a pink wristband and we went in. He finally got his blood drawn and we had an hour and a half to kill. Weirdly, the Starbucks, which was closed when we tried in the past, was open, so here we sit with a tea, a coffee, and a fruit cup. Hey there, little Oxford comma, welcome back.


2. Dealing with chemo and the cancer center already has a level of unreality, now it's on a whole new level. Being in Nashville a week ago at the Olney memorial seems like a lifetime ago. I bet David would have gotten some great songs about all this. Can you just IMAGINE his take on all this?

3. I absolutely hate being here right now. Tomorrow will be several more hours for the brain MRI. In the morning the four of us will all go vote. The first time for Owen. See? Something good.

4. At the store the other day. I guess there hasn't been a run on rhubarb. Is that what that is?


And I guess folks like their potatoes and onions.


5. I made a beef stew last night. It's hard making stews without onion. The store was out of carrots so I didn't have those either. They both add a bit of necessary sweetness. It turned out pretty good, however. I let the temperature get away from me so it boiled a bit which made the meat tough, but eh, you know. I dusted the beef with a mixture of gluten-free flour and garam masala and salt, Browned it a bit and then added beef bone broth, some nice little gold potatoes from farmer Greg, and at the very end some green peas. Oh, and I threw in about a T of tomato paste as well. Pretty delightful and comforting in the end.


6. While we were in Nashville last week we left the boys money to go out to dinner together, and Owen sent me this glorious picture of Leo.


And with that…onward.


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