1. Friday already. I've lost all sense of time, although Ernie says that every afternoon I say that it feels as though it should be later than it is.

2. Good news…the brain scan came back fine. So, any headaches he is having are just that, headaches. Yes. He's really fatigued from the chemo, kind of a harder week this week. He gave me a scare with a very low fever yesterday but seems ok now. I'm making him take his temperature all the time now. Poor man. It hasn't been high enough to contact the doctor but I'm keeping an eye on it.

3. I made a gorgeous batch of his chicken and rice gruel…from the leftovers of a beautiful chicken from Triple S Farms and left the pot out overnight by mistake. DAMN IT. 

4. Owen and I went to the grocery store together the other day. What a stupid idea. That should NEVER be allowed. We spent way too much money but had a good time. Still no toilet paper but there was one pack of cheap paper towels on the shelf. 


5. Owen finally cooked for his girlfriend, Trinity—his chicken and vegetable stirfry is pretty great. I'd been nagging him to cook for her. 

Side noote: WHY is the dishwasher ALWAYS OPEN? I ASK YOU.


6. Leo's been furloughed from his job.

Strange days.



One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Just heard on MSNB that our governor will be requiring a lockdown starting on Saturday. Haven’t heard it officially.