1. I find it hard to look away from the news about the Nashville tornado. It seems as though most of our friends are ok physically, but their psyches are hurting, as are their houses and neighborhoods. 

I'd planned to get pictures of the Weiss liquor store sign at night next week. Alas.

This pic is from their FB page.


2. Last night I made a batch of sesame noodles for Owen and cooked some pork chops to go with it. There were 8 pork chops but I went ahead and cooked them all thinking we'd have leftovers. I ate two with a salad and gave Owen a huge plate of sesame noodles, two pork chops and some sugar snap peas. Ernie was having his gruel. He ended up eating all SIX pork chops along with a hell of a lot of sesame noodles. Oh, to be 18.

3. It looks like Spring really is coming because the lights are starting to die. We put lights up on our fence right after Thanksgiving every year and we leave them on 24/7. When the last strand dies it's usually time to start planting.


4. A particularly good batch of chicken and rice gruel for my baby.

5. Ernie's doing pretty well. He's through the worst part of this round (the nadir runs around days 5-9). He gets tired really easily and still has some lightheadedness and we now blame a lot of things on chemo braiin. The last of his hair seems to be hanging on. I told him he looks like a cross between George Washington and Woodstock the bird. Now he whistles whenever I look at him.


6. This was the best meal I've made in ages, and maybe the simplest. I try to only buy wild gulf shrimp but sometimes I weaken. This was just spring greens, a perfectly ripe avocado, sauteed shrimp, and olive oil, salt and pepper as dressing.


That's all I've got today. I'm a little less out of sorts. Seeing what others are going through always helps to put things into perspective. 


4 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Woodstock!! I love it.
    Son-in-law had emergency surgery last Thursday for a nasty rectal abscess and nearly died. Still in the hospital, but out of the woods. Type 2 diabetes apparently a risk factor for this affliction.

  2. Some afternoon in the near future, I’ll be coming by to do my thing, so to speak.
    Really glad to hear that Ernie’s doing pretty well with this round of chemo, and that Owen has such a hearty appetite lol