Three excellent contenders but I believe we have a clear winner.

Day One: Wendell Smith's in Nashville

Aisha Golliher had kindly recommended their sign to me, and it was indeed delightful. We trundled over in the rain and grabbed a booth. Extra points for atmosphere. My eggs were more overhard than easy and the non traditional potatoes lost it a few points. The tomatoes, the gorgeous, actually tomato-y tasting tomatoes boosted their score, however. I've only been served tomatoes with eggs in Nashville. Is it a southern thing or just a Nashville thing?


The next morning we left Nashville and were headed to Palmyra for the Wickham sculptures. Ashland City seemed a reasonable place to stop and we scored BIG. Cody's Diner, tucked into a cute little house just off the main street. Just two rooms, one with an old fireplace. The waitress was lovely and called us sweet peas. I deviated from my standard order just because, the day before, at Wendell Smith's I'd been charmed when the man in the booth behind me ordered ham and eggs and the waitress asked, "country or city?" So. I ordered country ham. It was a bit too salty for me straight but it WAS good. The eggs were perfect and the hash browns were a crispy thing of beauty.


For our last morning, I chose the Family Restaurant at Eastgate Village. Solid entry. I have learned that ordering hash browns extra crispy sometimes means slightly burnt but they tasted good anyway.



Overall, Cody's Diner was the clear winner despite Wendell Smith's tomatoes boosting their score.

Now, back to smoothies and the like but it was fun while it lasted.



4 thoughts on “The Olney Wander Breakfast Roundup

  1. I swear, Cynthia, if you don’t put these pictures into a book! Call it wandering or something. You can even include a chapter on your test breakfast meal. Even in the rain, your picture capture something. Love these!

  2. I think the tomato might be just a Wendell’s thing.
    Not sure. And I haven’t been there in a long time
    But years ago I remember that in addition to having tomatoes as a choice
    with your breakfast they had a box of fresh tomatoes for sale at the cash register.
    I considered it a real Nashville multitasking kind of thing and always took advantage of that