I woke up on Monday feeling out of sorts and bleary. It was a grey day for the drive the Nashville and I dozed on and off for the first bit of it. It's not an exciting drive, shall we say, and the skies and mood were all a bit heavy.


It felt good to get into Nashville though. Our hotel had a little sitting area which was nice. Ernie and I both get a bit tired these days so it was nice to be able to come and go and have a spot to relax. 


We headed over to the Belcourt and went across the street for a drink. We happily ran into Mike Zanger (thanks for the drink!) and it was a nice treat to get to chat for a bit. We all made our way over to the Belcourt and the line was down the street. I was going to take a picture but then I saw John Partipilo take a photo and I shrugged my shoulders and left it to the master. Heh. Saw lots of friends and got lots of hugs. A few days later and I guess we wouldn't have been hugging. Not hugging is tough on me. Sigh. I took very few pictures, which is unlike me but I was trying to just feel it all and not distract myself.

Ok, I did take this picture for Owen because, hell, pop royalty. Ernie, the guy with the pop gene, our beloved Amy Rigby, and Bill Lloyd.


Sergio Webb, Dan Seymour, Justin Amaral and Ward Stout took the stage and did instrumental versions of some of David's songs. AND…..they were called the Lampshades, hence the lampshades on the stage. Ohhhh. Did my heart good. ❤️It was really stunning to hear his songs done this way. His performances were such powerhouses of lyrical performance that it was gorgeous to hear the songs's music in this way. What did Owen once say to me? That I was the undercoating of the family that kept it all going. Well, it was wonderful to hear the power of the undercoating. 

They were glorious. And as heartbreaking as it was to see David's guitar and hat on the stage, it was beautiful too.


I won't write too much about the words and songs…I believe there will be video of it up before too long and you will have to watch it yourself. I WILL say that Lilly Olney's words were absolutely heartrendingly perfect. She obviously has her father's talent with words. I can only imagine how proud Gine was, and how David would have shimmered with pride.

Afterward, we headed over to Fido's for a drink and to grab some food. We got to talk to some dear friends and some new folks as well. The night was full of love. So much love.

This picture sums it up.

I love you, Mary.

You did good.


I will love you forever, David.


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