Chemo day. We got there on time for his blood draw, even with going back home to get my forgotten mask. They took our temperatures before they let us in. No wristband this time. After the blood draw, we had an hour to kill until his appointment. Normally we go out for coffee and tea but there's nowhere to go now, so we just stayed in the waiting room and read, trying to get used to wearing our masks. It makes me slightly claustrophobic but I persevered. The only times I ever had to wear oxygen masks in the hospital they made me crazy claustrophobic too. Oh, and speaking of that, poor Ernie needs another MRI. He's really grown to hate them although he has gotten fond of them musically so there's that.

Eventually, we saw our beloved Dr. Vasidreddy. He admired our masks, (thanks Debbie Stewart) and was delighted with all of Ernie's numbers. Ernie headed off to the infusion suite and I came home. I hate not being there. I'd happily wear a mask if I could be there.

Ernie texted me and said the power went off, not totally, but the lights went out. Eventually, things came back on but they'd just started mixing his chemo at the pharmacy when the lights went out so they had to have a different pharmacy do it and walk it over. He just told me that he's finally got his chemo going. This is about when he should have been DONE.

I just don't relax until he's home. 


Oh, and as a little treat, here's the latest photo of the band.


One thought on “Chemo Day in Covid-19 Times

  1. Oh Cynthia…never a dull moment in your journey. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.