It's become so hard to track what day it is. The days and hours seem to be elastic…stretching out at times while snapping tightly at others. 

Easter ended up being aa nice day. We had a family viewing of Blues Brothers, crushed together on the media room couch and laughing throughout it. That movie is such a love letter to the Chicago of a certain time. I miss that Chicago and am glad I have it in my memory for much of it seems long, long gone. Later we had a simple Easter dinner just the four of us. Nothing fancy but it was comforting just the same. And it was cause for celebration—we actually DID get the laundry off the dining room table.


Later that night Ernie and I got cross with each other so I woke up in a bad mood. Bad mood, Monday, pandemic. There's a recipe for happiness. By mid afternoon we were sharing a bottle of sparkling wine, eating leftover ham and watching Top Chef…eased in American Diner Revival in which I spent much of the time whimpering with worry. I like signs of age and wear and tear. The day slowly turned around.

Owen and I cooked together later. He made our new favorite pork chop recipe which was good as we remembered. He made homemade mac and cheese (with rigatoni as that's what we had). In the online ordering mistake department I had a package of quinoa/rice/flaxseed mix. I thought it was going to be a dry mix I would cook. It turned out to be a little vacuum packed package of it already cooked. I guess it was easy this way…you just squeezed it out, added a few tablespoons of water and heated it up but it kinda tasted like nothingness with a bit of texture. I added the leftover Easter vegetables (sugar snap peas, peas and green onions) and some cooked kale so at least it tasted like nothing with texture and lots of vegetables. I had it with one of the pork chops and Ernie had his last batch of gruel. Leo did his own thing so it was all a bit haphazard but it still felt nice to cook with Owen.


Bob continues to live the life we'd all like. Here is Owen paying tribute.