I remember my last semester of high school. It was an exciting time. I had managed to escape my high school with a semester long internship in Springfield. When I went back for graduation it was a time of excitement, going to parties, planning for coming down here to Champaign for college in the fall. It felt like such a time of limitless possibilities. I cut my hair into its first punk/new wave iteration and the way people responded to me completely changed. It was all about trying new things, both good and bad. There was some teenage angst in there, mind you, but it was a bright, glowing time.

And now my senior in high school is locked at home, furloughed from his job, frustrated beyond belief at being trapped. His damn bug isn't even running. I feel so bad for him. I can just feel his frustration in my chest. Leo's frustrated too, but he's more of an at-home guy AND he's making more with unemployment than he did working. For my Owen, it's just damn hard. And through it all, he's been remarkably even-tempered and helpful, doing things around the house and shopping for us. When he finally gives into the frustration and sadness my heart just breaks for him.

I know what it's like to be a 50-something in these times, I can't really imagine being an 18-year-old in these times.

My sweet pea.


One thought on “My Sweet Pea

  1. I was really touched by this post. You have a good son. What is happening to him can’t be changed right now, but maybe Cyril the bug could be repaired? I would like to help. Please email me.